Human Resources

From the principle of SEBAT TARIM URUNLERI PAZ. VE TİC.A.Ş. . “The most valuable equity is human”, our approach towards meeting our man power need is to give an equal opportunity to all candidates and determine the suitable candidate objectively without being prejudiced.

Applications to SEBAT TARIM URUNLERI PAZ. VE TİC.A.Ş. can be made through facsimile, letter, e-mail or various sources such as employee recommendations and consultancy companies. All applications are recorded in the information bank by Human Resources and candidates are informed about the process within 15 days.

Recruitments are realized by interview and/or examination processes organized by Human Resources Department. Employees working in the company are investigated in line with career planning for needed staff. On the condition that there is no appropriate candidate among the employees, applications recorded in the information bank are reviewed and appropriate candidates are determined.

Determined candidates and Department of Human Resources start interview process and first interview is made. After the first interview, candidates deemed appropriate for needed position are invited for the second, even third interviews. In consideration of interviews and interpreted Occupational Personality Inventory result, Department of Human Resources makes a job offer to the candidate who is deemed appropriate for the duty.

Other candidates who are not accepted for the duty are informed about the result of the process within 15 days.